A problem in the Sentinel iw mode GRDH product RD processing

The Sentinel product “S1A_IW_GRDH_1SSH_20150718T012045_20150718T012110_006858_0093FA_BBB8.SAFE”

Thank you !

Do you have access rights there? I see the user ‘Administrator’.
Or is the disk full?

If not could you have a look into <USER_HOME>\AppData\Roaminig\SNAP\log\messages.log
There is maybe more useful information to find. Also in the lower right corner of SNAP you find red stop sign. When you click on it you get more information.
Would be helpful if you post it here.

This error is usually seen when there is not enough space on the disk to allocate for the product about to be written.

I’ve found it.Thanks,Iveci.

thanks for your and Iveci’s reply.