A question about mask and unwrap

I understand that SAR processing is best in areas with high coherence. I have 3 questions:

  1. In SNAP, which step should the mask be applied in? Is it right after coherence map generation?

  2. When it comes to masking, do i simply use something like:

if (coherence >= 0.6) then 1 else NaN ? Is 0.6 a good threshold or is it too strict?

  1. For unwrapping in the masked areas, is the result of the unwrapped phase also ‘NaN’ for masked areas?


You could mask as you have done just before unwrapping although I think snaphu already handles it when you pass in a coherence band.

Thank lveci, for DEM generation, do I need to apply the range-doppler terrain correction after unwrapping?

Dear Ben
Where do you use from below sentences? in Bandmath? Can you tell me how?

if (coherence >= 0.6) then 1 else NaN ?