A question about the order of coregistration and subset

Hi everyone!
I’m now doing InSAR preprocessing. I have already done the Split and Apply Orbit. When I do the coregistration and creating subset, is there a supposed order of these 2 steps? Should I do the coregistraion of the 2 SLC and then subset? or it’s ok to create subset first and then coregistration? :laughing:

First you reduce the number of bursts as much as possible with TOPS Split. Then you can

  1. apply orbit files
  2. BackGeocoding
  3. Enhanced Spectral Diversity (if you have selected more than one burst)
  4. Interferogram generation
  5. Deburst

Only then, after debursting, you can create a spatial subset.

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Thank you for your reply!
So spatial subset should be after debursting, is that right? :face_with_monocle:

yes, no spatial subsetting before TOPS Deburst.

Thanks a lot! :blush: