Abnormal calibration results of C2RCC tool

Hello everyone, when using the C2RCC tool to correct the Sentinel 3 image, the reflectance result showed abnormal color fusion. Some of the parameters were set as follows, but I am not sure where the problem lies. I hope to receive your help. Thank you. :grin:

This is a true color fusion of the original image.

This is the true color image corrected using the C2RCC tool

The C2RCC processor is made for water constituents retrieval and therefor the included atmospheric correction is made to be used only over water. It will not give good results over land.
That’s why the land is excluded by default by the valid-pixel expression.
An atmospheric correction which works over land is the iCOR processor provided by VITO.


So this is a normal result, and there is no need to export the land part. Thank you very much for your help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: