About phase contributors in an interferogram


Reading about the phase contributors contained in an interferogram creted with one master and slave product:

φ = φtopo + φflat + φdisp + φatm + φnoise

If the intention is to extract φtopo for DEM generation, one should cancel the others when possible. For example:

φflat: by correcting the int to consider the Earth’s curvature
φnoise: not much can be done by the user.
φatm: not much can be done. Selecting image pair in dry season, ec.

My question is, how do I cancel the phase contribution that may come from φdisp? If my products are several days apart, is it enough to say that if no seismic activity happened, this can be discarded directly?


Yes, you have to assume that no displacement has taken place. Of course you select an image pair wich doesn’t contain an earthquake or landslide event. To reduce the amount of atmospheric contributions, try to select images in the dry period without precipitation.

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Thanks for the clarification!