About resampling

What is the cause and how?

Hard to tell.
Could you reproduce the error, please? Then go to Help / Show Log Directory in the menu.
Close SNAP. Now pick the messages.log file and attach it to your post.
It could be that this is a memory issue. Your product is pretty big. How much memory does your computer have?

Good morning Mr Marpet,
It is possible to subset with a shapefile before resampling the image??. I guess the answer is NO because of the spatial resolution (10, 20 and 60m)


actually this is working.
You just can’t use the special S2 Resampling. The generic Resampling is working.
And it is not possible to use a shapefile.
You can specify WKT or the corner coordinates but not a shapefile.

Thank you for your answer Sir.

Good night, I have problem in creating an RGB for healthy vegetation.

Sorry I restarted SNAP and the RGB was created.

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