Adding RADARSAT 1 files to SNAP


I have been trying to add RADARSAT 1 imagery to SNAP that I downloaded from EODMS. I have seen that some have successfully uploaded imagery that uses a “.001” file type, but none of the files that I have been able to download come with that file extension.

Below is a list that shows the file structure that is available after download:


This website shows that the main files related to the imagery are the .D .L & .P files. The .D file contains image data, and .L and .P files contain various types of metadata. From what I read, the best way to work with this data is to remove all the other files and zip only the .D .L and .P files together, and upload the zip to whichever program we plan on working with. Most websites recommend working with SNAP, but after attempting several times to upload this data in various different ways, nothing seems to work.

Does anyone know how I can upload these files?

You will need to reorder your data in a format supported by SNAP. There is plenty of metadata that needs to be correct in order for the data be fully usable.

Hello, I couln’t open a new title. I cannot load Radarsat 2 data to SNAP… Does anybody have an idea why? I am using SNAP9.0. It says it doesn’t read product.xml and gives the following error: “ [input=F:\radarsat_2_rectification\RS2_OK132649_PK1158754_DK1115498_U11W2_20211128_230847_HH_SGF\product.xml]:
Couldn’t seek!”
Thank you…

Have you read the FAQ, specially “Read this before posting” section?
It’s not ok to post to an existing topic that has no relation with your issue, just because you couldn’t create your own topic.
You account is very new, you didn’t spent time to search and read other similar topics nor the FAQ.
Otherwise you would have noticed that:
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Thank you for your reply… My question was about to learn the reason not to be able to open a radarsat data in snap… I am not new… I was using “secra” account but lost the password and could not recover it…So, everyhing is not always straight forward…try asking first may be next time…