Advice on DEM creation

I’m setting this topic just to collect some expert opinions.

Is it feasible to make own DEM from SAR data (in my case ALOS-1) for areas beyond the 60 degrees (N/S). I’m not sure how the snow/ice cover influences the backscatter hence how accurate the DEM will be.
Thank you

The main constraint for ALOS-1 data is the revisit time of each track of 46 days. This probably causes large loss of coherence and makes your phase bad.
But it is woth a try.
@marjanmarbouti has published a paper on sea ice with Sentinel-1 where the fringes still turned out very well:

@ABraun Thank you for your reply. Your considerations are always welcome.

The task I have to solve is to use historical data so this time constraint should be considered.
I will check if closer dates could be found over the the same area.

are ERS or ENVISAT an option then? They are now freely acessible and allow for temporal baselines of up to 1 day under certain conditions.

I’d like to try with ALOS data due to better spatial resolutiom ~8m. Besides I’m not very familiar with ERS/ENVISAT processing.

as you need data acquired from the same track/path, the temporal baseline of 46 days is inevitable. The only thing you can control is the season to make sure your image pair is not affected by rain or too high moisture contents.