After Spatial Subset, Can't TOPS De-Burst

After Spatial Subset on S1 IW SLC Product, when we are using De-Burst, following error message come up and process does’t begin,

Message: TOPSAR-Deburst: The Specific region, if not null, must intersect with the omage’s bounds

I’m using SNAP 2.0-beta-05
This is my processing steps.
TOPS Split --> Apply Orbit --> Back-Geo-cording --> Spatial Subset --> De-burst

The spatial subset operator does not know how to handle subsetting burst data. The best you can do at the moment is using the TOPSAR Split to produce only one swath, then after insar processing, deburst. After the deburst operator the product will be just like any other and can be subsetted.

We will be adding functionality to TOPSAR Split to be able to select a subset of bursts as well as the swath.


Thank you very much for answer and explanation !