ALOS-2 calibration

Dear All,
I have imported ALOS-2 1.1 level full polarimetirc data in CEOS format in SNAP. when I have tried other processing parameters (calibration, multilooking, orthorectification) I got the following message:

“A problem occurred during processing the target product processing
Type: Operatorexception
Message: cannot construct data buffer”

I wonder if anyone of you got the faced similar issue and shorted it out.


You might be out of hard disk space, or RAM.

Dear Mengdahl,
Thank you very much for your kind reply
I am having more than 60GB of memory and 16GB RAM. But I am still getting the same message.


If you select a small enough pixel size it’s possible that the output product is larger than 60GB. You can try with for example 100m pixel size first to see if everything works in low resolution.