ALOS 2 terrain correction

I am trying to terrain correct ALOS-2 data, but data at the end of the process is empty.
I am working with SLC data.
I am doing those steps: calibration/speckle filtering/terrain correction.
At each step I am able to open and read data but not after terrain correction.
Elevation/latitude/longitude/projectedLocalIncidenceAngle images are ok.
However sigma0_HH and sigma0_VV have zero values.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Just to show that it’s not an isolated incident: I’ve had similar problems on some images with a similar processing graph and SLC data. I found the problem to be caused by the Calibration step. For me, calibration to sigma0 worked fine but calibration to gamma0 (the one I needed) resulted in an image consisting only of NaNs.

I have also a problem with ALOS-2 data when i calibrate it’s ok but when i try to apply terrain correction on calibrated data i have the warning message /zero!

Thanks for answering me.