Analysis of the area before applying interferometry treatments

if my interferograms generated are noisy and I want to study my area, is a polarimetric analysis on this area is recommended? or, is there any other approach?
thank you in advance.

the selection of a suitable approach depends on what you want to analyze. It’s hard to give recommendations without knowing your overall aim. Maybe you can clarify this first.

Besides that, interferometry and polarimatry are complementary, they give you different types of information. But most polarimetric tools require fully polarimetric data (HH+HV+VH+VV).

after generating an interferogram on a small part of the city of grenoble, i got noisy results. i also should add that the landslide i am study is of slow movement. for this reason, i want to make a study using sentinel 1 images on the area and to see its composition. it might help me understand more why i have a noisy interferogram.

bad phase quality can have many reasons:

  • volume decorrelation (vegetation)
  • temporal decorrelation (surface scattering mechanisms change)
  • atmospheric disturbance
  • bad coregistration
  • unwrapping errors

I recommend these materials on InSAR error sources:

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