Anomaly of the elevation image value

I made RTC for some Sentinel-1 images and export to the elevation.img.However.I found the pixel values in the elevation image are abnormal.

The normal value in land area is above zero, and the value in sea or lake is less than zero. However, the values in IDL output are very high,8.99564e-041,as is shown in the following picture.I didn’t use any math expressions for images.

I don’t know the reason,could you give me the answer?

Perhaps this is a byte-ordering issue?

I have looked into the header file of elevation.img.
The data type is Float rather than byte.

Make sure the endiannss is correct as well:

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Thanks for your suggestion.
This is a reason seemingly, I have altered my program, the value of the image in different byteorder is indeed different.Although I haven’t modify all the errors in the program,I still appreciate your expert hints.:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

If I have other question,I will post here.Thanks very much again.

Thanks for your valuable hints. Endiannss is indeed the reason for the problem. I have solved all the errors in my program.

Thanks once again.:smiling_imp::wink::smile::grin::grin::smile::smile:

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