AOI Monitoring tool not working


I am testing the capabilities of the AOI Monitoring tool included in SNAP (v.6) (I am currently using v. 6.0.5). It seems there is an issue on the way this tool loads the graph that is supposed to be run each time a new image is available. The problem appears as follows:



When I use the AOI Monitoring tool (for the first time or when it is monitoring the folder), the grap is loaded but without any parameter being set. This is a problem specially when the tool is monitoring the folder and applying the graph automatically since wrong parameters are being used and the purpose of the tool is compleltly lost.

Is this a known issue? Am I missing somethig? I have found little information on this tool in the forum.

UPDATE: when working with S1 data (and a S1 graph…), the values are properly set and the tool works properly