Apparent infinite loop bug in JP2 write in graphs

I have been trying to write out JPG2000 at the end of a graph process (working with Sentinel-1 data and writing a single band output). There appears to be a peculiar problem whether JP2 or JPG2000 is chosen as the format. I can write BEAM-DIMAP or GEOTIFF no problem, only the JPG2000 format seems to be affected.

The symptoms of the issue seem to suggest the process is stuck in an infinite loop. Watching as the file is being written, I can see the size go up, then it comes back down again, then back up again, then back down again, etc, etc, until I kill snap - even pressing cancel on the graph doesn’t seem to stop the execution.

This behaviour seems to be exclusive to the graph and GPT use, it is not happening if I export the image manually (though I do then get some warnings on importing it into QGIS: Warning 1: Problem with skipping JPEG2000 box, stream error).

May I ask why this was moved to the s2tbx? I was not using S2 data but S1 data. I assume the issue is generic. It would help me to know so that I can report issues adequately in future.
I would be grateful if you can also confirm the JIRA reference.

I am not aware who/why moved your post, but when the issue is not related with a specific toolbox, it would be better to post in “snap” category, under “Problem reports”.

Tested inside of a graph using SNAP 7.0, with S1 and S2 data, not able to reproduce. However, there is a limitation of the OpenJpeg library, when the product has more than 4 bands it can not be exported (regardless if it’s S1 or S2 data).
Please specify if in SNAP 7.0 you still have this issue.
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Sorry. It was me who moved your post. If I remember correctly I did it by accident. I moved it back.