Apply a list of (noise) values 'range-wise'

I have an RCM image. It comes with some noise metadata which gives a list vector of noise values in the range direction of the corresponding SAR image. The list has a ‘stepsize’ of 12, which as I understand means it needs interpolated. The length and stepsize is the same as the data in the corresponding incidence angle file. I need to apply these noise values to the image either in SNAP’s band calculator, or I could use SNAP to construct a band that uses the range-wise values to create a noise map for the whole image. Either by extracting this metadata directly, or extracting the list then importing it.

I cannot figure a way to do this in SNAP?

As per the documentation:

Estimated mean image noise level as a function of georeferenced image pixel in range. One vector for beta nought, sigma nought, and gamma respectively.

Example header