Apply Orbit error in different S1 SAR DATA

Dear all

I try to do PS-InSAR
But I get problem in ApplyOrbitFile
Some SAR image can pass this step
but some SAR image show error when I apply orbit file step

In theory, some images can be applied to apply orbit file, there should be no problem with the network and port, and it is not clear which images will not find the precise orbit.
I can’t test every image which can pass the apply orbit file,
How can I understand this problem and solve this problem, otherwise I can’t carry out any further processing.
Why do some images have precise orbital data in the cloud database and some do not? Is there a gap in the database?

Is there any senior who has encountered the same problem, I would like to ask you about this problem.

Thank you very much for your time and assistance

Best Regred


SNAP: v8.09
System: win10