Apply orbit file issue

I am having issues with apply orbit file to Sentinel 1A (S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20201010T121237_20201010T121304_034734_040BED_BC5D: sensing date: 10.10.2020)
Error message: No orbit file for 12 April 2026. Please download from…scihub.copernicus and place within Users/…/S1A/2026/04.
I have been using other S1A data from 2021. The orbit file could be applied from net itself. The internet connection and the windows firewall are just fine. I have re-installed the software also. I downloaded the orbit files from scihub. It is named as:
S1A_OPER_AUX_POEORB_OPOD_20210318T003223_V20201010T225942_20201012T005942 (I specified the sensing date in gnss website. As far as I know this should be the correct orbit file).
I placed it within the 2020/10 folder and ran the program it did not work; then within 2026/04 folder. It did not work. I renamed it to 12 april 2026 along with the time mentioned in the error message. It did not work.
Only thing that works if I check the box: do not fail if new orbit file is not found. But when I go for back geocoding the slave has no values! I have faced this geo-coding problem earlier also. Hence I avoid checking the above box.
Can you tell me after I place the file in the respective folder (created and asked by snap) what should be done? In the ‘Apply orbit file’ there is actually no specific option where I can link my downloaded file.
Please help.

can you please specify this?
Apparently, the metadata are misleading for SNAP (year 2026).