Apply terrain correction to Polarimetric decomposition

Hi there,

How can I apply the same transformation obtained from the SAR-simulation terrain correction to a polarimetric decomposition product? Or in other words, how I can coregister the polarimetric decomposition product with the SAR simulated image from the DEM?

The SAR Simulation TC is intended to improve terrain correction for products where the georeferencing and orbits are poor such as ERS or Radarsat-1. If you are using polarimetric decompositions on Sentinel-1 or Radarsat-2, you shouldn’t need SARSimTC.

If you really still want to do it, you would roughly need to apply SAR simulation on the original product, coregister the simulated image with the original product, apply polarimetric decomposition (you may need to remove the simulated band), put back the simulated band and apply SARSimTC.

Ok I got it!

Then the application of orbit correction (using precise orbit) is quite important step when dealing with SLC images, isn’t it? This also if we consider to apply back-geocoding… Nevertheless it seems that this information will be available around 3 weeks later the acquisition of the data… Is there a workaround for having near real time processing?

Thanks again for your support!