Applying orbit file to RCM products

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this, so do let me know if it isn’t!

I am trying to do some speckle offset tracking on a pair of RCM images, but my output product appears to have no (or incorrect) lat/lon data. I believe I’ve narrowed this down to the orbit correction, which is failing as none of the options work with RCM data (Any selection I make is met with RuntimeError: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: XXXXX is not suitable for a RCM product)

So, I’m wondering how I would go about applying an orbit file to my RCM products?

Thanks for any and all help!

Where do you get the orbit files for RCM from?

They are included in the download package for each image from EODMS.

Does EODMS provide you with full “original” RCM products from the satellite provider, or has the data been altered somehow, for example by chunking it into tiles? If yes, SNAP does not know how to handle those images.

No, the products/data have not been altered, they are the original files from the provider. I believe the folder structure is also in SAFE format.

I am still able to successfully produce a speckle offset tracking product which looks valid, there is just incorrect lat/lon data attached to it, whereas if the files were altered / chunked into tiles, I would assume I could not generate a product?