Appropriate time period for comparing two Sentinel 1 images for Interferometry.

Can we use two s1 images with a period of fewer than 6 months for Interferometry or not?
Do you think that this work seemed scientific or not?

Absolutely. Short temporal baselines should be preferred for interferometry. It depends on your use case, but I see no reason whe they should be separated by 6 months. Maybe you can specify your question a bit.

thanks for your reply
To obtain land subsidence during the agricultural season (a period of 6 months) and compare subsidence with groundwater level decline during the agricultural period, I needed to divide the periods into 6 months.
before do this research I needed to know can I use two S1 images with this period time or not!

Iā€™m not sure if you will get reliable results with these large temporal baselines with traditional (pairwise) differential interferometry. Especially if you want to retrieve it over agricultural fields where the phase quickly decorrelates.

If you want to cover larger periods, maybe time-series approaches, such as StaMPS or PyRate, are more suitable. But this depends on your exact use case.

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The choice of a temporal baseline is completely case dependant. In glaciology, 6 DAYS is already quite long. In other cases (seismology), I saw people using SAR pairs with 2 years between acquisitions.

My personal suggestion would be to read a bit the litterature to grasp what people use as temporal baseline (data are generally listed), and then you made a few experiments with you personal test case.



@ABraun @qglaude
Thanks to all you dears.
I will consider all of your suggestions.