Area of interest not appearing in Sentinel-1 data once uploaded into SNAP

I am having an issue with my area of interest not appearing once I upload my Sentinel-1 data into SNAP. Here is what is happening:

  • I download data that shows a complete footprint containing my AOI
  • I upload my data into SNAP
  • every time I upload my sentinel data into SNAP, even though the preview footprint from Copernicus Open Access Hub shows my area of AOI fully contained in the imagery, my AOI is never within sentinel imagery (it’s always out of bounds, I move my cursor to the very edge of the imagery that SNAP displays, and it’s always too far west/east and the lat/long of AOI is never contained)

I am very new to both sentinel data and the SNAP software, so I was wondering if anyone with more experience would be able to tell me what could be happening?

What raster is loaded into SNAP?
Maybe the coordinate reference system of the vector is different from that of the raster?
You can also include screenshots to illustrate your problem.