Atmospheric correction for SLSTR band 2 and band3

In s3toolbox , can we do atmospheric correction for SLSTR’s band 2 and band3?

No, this is not possible at the moment.

OK, Thanks a lot!
Can we use S3 toolbox to calculate the TOA reflectance ?

Yes, this is possible. It is located in the menu at Optical / Preprocessing / Radiance-to-Reflectance.

Thanks !
However, I am afraid there is no SLSTR sensor when I choose the processing parameter.
Only have OLCI and MERIS sensor.

Actually, you should be able to select as Sensor SLSTR_500.
Only the 500m resolution is supported.
Are you using SNAP 6?

ok, Thanks a lot.

My computer belongs to university, and I do not have access to install software.
I will install the latest version SNAP 6 on my laptop and try it again later.

Hi, When I use SNAP 6 to run Radiance to Reflectance Processor for SLSTR data.
There is a message as follows.
Sensor ‘SLSTR 500m’ not compliant with input product.
I am sure that the input data is S2_radiance_an

Thanks for your help in advance.

Are you trying to simply open the file? You shouldn’t do this.
Better you use the xfdumanifest.xml file to open the product. Otherwise, it is not recognised as an SLSTR file by SNAP. When opening this file you will be asked if you want to open the 1km, 500m or the multi-size version.
This would also explain your problem with the geolocation you have. If you open the NetCDF file directly you open only a part of the product.

Ok, I have tried it again, It is work. Thanks a lot.