Atmospheric correction in 10 m resolution

When I did atmospheric correction using SENTCOR, in processing parameter I only chose 10 as the resolution for the output image, but the output folder gives the images both in 10 and 20 m resolution in two different folders. The problem is, when I tried to open the 10 m resolution images using XML file which is single but processed images are in 2 folders(10m and 20m), the opened list of images in SNAP shows all images under 20 m resolutions also due to which I couldn’t be sure the 4 bands B2, B3, B4 and B8 are at 10 m resolution. How can I open 10 m resolution images only? I don’t want any 20 m resolution processings.

Thank you.

If I understood it correctly, if you want tje highest resolition, sen2cor requires a processing of all resolutions in descending order: 60 then 20 then 10.

so, is it impossible for me to get only 10m images after atmospheric corrections without getting 60 and 20m images??

I’m afraid yes.