Atmospheric corrections applied to Sentinel L2A Products

I was trying to implement this paper on detecting methane plumes using Sentinel 2. The paper uses L1C product.

I wanted to eliminate the effects of water vapor, so I tried to identify the plumes using Sentinel 2 L2A product. The results I got were quite different from what I was expecting.

I wanted to understand what all corrections get applied as a part of L1C to L2A conversion? Are these corrections applied to just to eliminate / reduce effects of water vapor or for other trace gases like Methane and CO2 as well?

I even had a look at sen2cor, and wanted to understand if only selected corrections can be applied to L1C product to convert it to L2A?

Thanks in advance.

There are several technical documents that you have to read before processing the data:
All products derived and delivered by ESA/EUMETSAT or others have an algorithm theoretical basis document (ATBD) that is convenient to review.

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