Attaching long/lat to pixels

I have imported an .hdr file (not Sentinel 1 data) into SNAP and am able to view the data and manipulate it to a degree (eg can apply speckle filter)
However there are a number of things I am unable to do such as use any of the Polarimetric Parameters or the SAR Ocean Applications in the toolkit for example.
The file does not have longitude/latitude attributed to each pixel so I can see why some parts of the toolkit may not work (geometric correction etc) but is there any thing you can help with to assist?

Similarly, if anyone is able to explain a way of attaching longitude and latitude to each pixel it would be of help - I have the long/lat of the first and last pixel only and I would like to β€˜infill’ the rest.

Many thanks

There are two way of attaching a GeoCoding to the data.
First, you can use Ground Control Points. Set GCPs to known location, chose the polynomial function and then attach it to the product.
Or you generate latitude an longitude bands. But this works only if the data is on a regular grid.
To create latitude an longitude bands you can use the Band Maths to compute lat and lon for each pixel.
As expression you could use for lat something like β€œ54 + y*0.02”
Where 54 is the upper most latitude value and 0.02 is the step in degree per line. For longitude you would do something equivalent.
When defining these band in the Band Maths, you should also ensure that the data is persisted and not only the expression. Untick the corresponding checkbox.
If you have both bands defined, you can to β€œTool / Attach Pixel-GeoCoding”


Did not know this feature. Thanks for the share

Thank you this has been most useful.