Attmosferic correction

Hello i want to know if i can use dos 1 algoritm in scp qgis for attmosferic correction of sentinel 1level 1c instead of sen2cor in snap

The semi-automatic classification plugin (SCP) for QGIS is only for radiometric calibration of your data, to create surface reflectance.

It doesn’t perform a proper atmospheric correction comparable to sen2cor, icor or atcor. Although Dark Object Subtraction (DOS) is called like this in the manual, it doesn’t consider the atmosphere’s condition at the time of image acquisition:

Have a look at the answers here: Which is best: Landsat 7 and 8 Atmospheric Correction DOS (Dark Object Subtraction) Vs. FLAASH

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thanks i made atmosphérique correction by sen2COR THE RESULT IS BETTER

hello again can i find a tools on snap to do thresholding automatic for binarisation of ndwi raster

like otsu method ex

no, Otsu thresholding is currently not integrated in SNAP. You can do it in Python however:

thanks for information

Hello, I would like to make the atmospheric correction of my Sentinel 3 data on SNAP the result has not been convincing. So I would like to make the atmospheric correction using SEN2COR software how to help me please

Sen2Cor only works with Sentinel-2 data. You could try Polymer: HYGEOS - polymer or iCor Atmospheric correction software for Sentinel-3 and compare results.