Automatic additional band formed in S2 L2A

i am getting some additional bands under band folder of image such as
Sun folder, view folder, quality folder
all containing sub band

can any one help me, why they are created? their effect in further processing?

if i remove these bands then the data may be disturbed for further processing?

Hi sanjay,
from what you are describing I assume that you are using Sentinel-2 L2A data.
These folders just group similar bands together which are part of the L2A data.
The bands are not automatically generated (except one exception, see below)
Please have also a look at the user manual and the product definition on this page:

If subsequent processing will fail depends on which operations you are performing, but most operation will work even without those bands.
But they provide meaningful information, at least the quality bands.
The sun and view bands are also provided in L1C data, only the view_zenith_mean and the view_azimuth_mean are added by SNAP. Because for most operation it is not necessary to have the view angle per band. The mean view angle is sufficient.
The quality bands can tell you if a pixel was classified as cloud, snow or urban, etc. during the atmospheric correction.

yes , i am using sentinel-2 L2A data,
i am doing fusion with sentinel1 data, Now can i continue these band for fusion then supervised classification,
i am also converting image into tiff format further export to do SVM , KNN classification.

should i continue with these bands are subset the band to save size and ease of complexity

If you don’t need them in your use-case, then you can remove them.

thanks Marpet