Automating processing of sentinel 2 forest fires data

I am able to process manually sentinel 2 files obtained from copernicus open access hub by applying swir band that i have created for smoke penetration .As i am working on huge amount of dataset can somebody help me to automate this process by providing overflow of the steps?

There is a general guide on how you can do bulk processing from the command line.
Bulk Processing with GPT - SNAP - Confluence (

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thankyou sir for replying.Can you please help me out with one more issue I am creating web app for above mentioned topic and I want to automate the smoke penetration process on backend Eg if user provides the file obtained from open access hub the should automatically undergo required process in backend and should provide user with visible flames on snap file.I have created rgb file using bands but dont know how to automate it using snappy.can u please guide me through the approach?

For this I can suggest this forum. There are already threads about this topic.
Search results for ‘rgb snappy’ - STEP Forum (

Thankyou sir