Automating sentinel datasets processing, through windows/ linux os command line

Hello All,

i am a regular user of Sentinel -1 datasets. i am processing them through windows based toolbox. i need to automate it through command line. could you please suggest me about automating it through windows command line or through linux operating system.

Presently, i could not able to download the linux version of st1bx



The wiki pages listed on the following page might be a starting point.
You can find also some interesting material in the Tutorials section. In the category for Sentine-1 and also in the external category.

Please try again to download. I just tried it and it works. Might have been some hiccup.

thank you, let me check and get back to you

Manipulating XML graphs looks a lot nicer way of replicating the desktop workflow than writing all the steps in Python. Can the processing of graphs be called from Java? I can call out to the OS to run a command, but if the GPT CLI is just using Java anyway I think calling from Java might handle errors, logging and allow flow control a lot more nicely

Yes, you can execute graphs from java.

You can find specific code sample here:

Directly above this method you can find how to read in a graph.