Available DEMs and there aliases?

How can I find how to reference the DEM models in a graph file which are supported in my current version(currently 8.0) of SNAP ?
The best way I can think of now is to use the Graphbuilder GUI to build a graph that uses a DEM then repeated select each available DEM option, save the graph and then look into the graph.xml file to see the alias that was copied in. Seems like there would a simpler method for determining how to reference the available elevation models. What am I missing?

Unfortunately, this is almost the easiest solution.
Because new DEM support can be added by new plugins there is no fixed list.
A bit simpler as your approach is to use the “Add Elevation Band” (from context menu of a product)
This shows you all the supported DEMs of your installation.
The name you can use in the graph file is what is written in this list, without the “(Auto Download)”