Average the Data

Hello EveryOne!
I want to average my data of Sentinal_1A to 100 m. How can I do this?
Anyone guide me in this regard.

You can use the filter which are available at Raster / Filtered Bands in the menu.
Or you can use the operator Image-Filter from the command line or in the Graph Builder.

for Sentinel-1 products, Multi-Looking might even be a better alternative (Radar > SAR Utilities > Multilooking) You change the number of Range Looks and the number of Azimuth Looks changes accordingly.

For a GRD product, a 10-fold multi-looking brings you a resolution of 100 m


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Thank You sir,
After Applying the Multilooking tool how can I check spatial resolution of the output data

you can trust the prediction of the tool “Mean GR Square Pixel” (see screenshot above)

ok sir I got it