Backscatter values

Hi Everyone;

I would like to know if I can know exact value of value in DB as below? It should be around -5dB. I had done processed through Calibration (with HH) >> Thermal Noise Removal >> Speckle Filtering (Lee3x3) >> Eclipse correction.

Product: subset_1_of_S1A_EW_GRDM_1SDH_20150212T171512_20160212T171612_009916_00E8C9_3ABA

Image-X: 10161 pixel
Image-Y: 5307 pixel
Longitude: 153°18’05" W degree
Latitude: 69°44’08" N degree

BandName Value Unit
Sigma0_HH: 0.33981 intensity


Problem solved!

It is 10*log10(“Sigma0_absolute_value”)!