Band 10 resampling and band maths error

I want to produce the Tasselled Cap Brightness product.
Band 10 is required for this product however it is not processed in sen2cor.

How can I resample Band 10 so it aligns with the other bands and has similar row and column counts?

For information:
I Resampled Band 10 to ten metres however the Band Maths calculator won’t show it with the other bands. Band 10 (resampled) seems to have a slightly different row count than the other bands and visually the cells look slightly offset from the other bands. Based on other Forum topics, I suspect this is the reason it doesn’t show.

Bands 2,3,4,8 are in one dataset and Bands 11 and 10 (resampled) are in their own separate datasets.
From sen2core user manual.
"The Cirrus band 10 will be omitted in the Level 2A output, as it does not contain surface information. Figure 2-14 shows the Level 2A user product on tile level. "
I would appreciate any help with this.