Band Math with GPT command line


I would ask your help to use the BandMaths operator in GPT with the command line.

By typing “/gpt BandMaths -h”, I did not find specific instructions to set the essential parameter options (e.g. “band name”, “expression” and “noDataValue”). I tested with success the use of a xml graph in GPT, but I need to write all the options on the command line directly and not within a graph. It could be useful to have an example of syntax required to use this operator and related options.

Many thanks.


I would appreciate this too :slight_smile: Thanks

It is not possible to provide all the Band Maths parameters directly on the command line.
You need to use the XML file. It’s because of the hierarchical structure of the parameters.

What is the reason why you can’t use the XML file?

Thank you Marco. I solved this issue by integrating a XML file within my script.

I asked this because I wanted to avoid attaching XML files to my GPT-based script (.sh) that I am implementing to speed up some processing steps.

However, by applying the XML solution it works too.