Band Select null error with incidenceAngleFromEllipsoid


I’m using the XML graphs to extract the incidenceAngleFromEllipsoid band which was generated with the Multilook feature. I’m able to extract the other bands from the DIM file using Band Select but when it tries to extract incidenceAngleFromEllipsoid I always get a Null Pointer error. I’ve double checked the spelling many times:


Error: [NodeId: BandSelect] java.lang.NullPointerException

This works if I use the standalone Band Select tool using the Snap GUI but I’m trying to automate this. It does not work if I use the XML graph tool.

Here is the DIM file I have:

Has anyone experienced this before? I’m using SNAP 8.


EDIT: Fixed spelling error…

Just updating that I’ve fixed it. I’m using Subset to extract the bands instead of Band Select. I do not get errors anymore with the graphs.