BandMath expression not working properly

Hello all

I am using the following BandMaths expression in snappy:
‘if CI_20021019!=NaN and CI_20021022!= NaN then max(CI_20021019,CI_20021022) else 0’

Essentially, I want to compute max value of two bands only if a pixel contains non-NaN values in both both bands, otherwise I want the pixel value to be zero. However, the expression above assigns NaN instead of 0 in else condition.

The following is the code I used:

targetBand = BandDescriptor() = ‘composite_CI’
targetBand.type = ‘float32’
targetBand.expression = ‘if (’+CI_bandnames[0]+’!=NaN and ‘+CI_bandnames[1]+’!= NaN) then ‘+‘max(’+CI_bandnames[0]+’,’+CI_bandnames[1]+’)’+’ else 0’

targetBands = jpy.array(‘org.esa.snap.core.gpf.common.BandMathsOp$BandDescriptor’, 1)
targetBands[0] = targetBand

params = HashMap()
params.put(‘targetBands’, targetBands)
CI_prod = GPF.createProduct(‘BandMaths’, params, product)

Please let me know where am I making a mistake?

Use the nan() function. Search for “nan” in the Bandmath Help pages or just navigate to the list of “Supported Operators and Functions” . Unfortunately the list is not alphabetical.

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Thank you. It solved the problem.