BandMaths problem

Hi !

I was trying to do a really easy thing and I didn’t manage to do it …

My goal was to do a ratio between two amplitude band from 2 GRD S1 images and the amplitude average of both.

But i don’t find how to do it ! I can’t from the bandmath select on the toolbar, i tried with a graph but none of them allow me to select both band. I can only select one band from one or the other image.

Can you help me ? Is there a method I didn’t see ?

Thanks in advance.


you first need to bring them into one new dataset. You can achieve this with
Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Stack

or if you have data from different tracks:
Radar > Coregistration > Coregistration

The new dataset will have both amplitudes and you can select them in band maths.

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Okay thanks.

In fact now you tell me it’s pretty obvious…

That would work on flat areas but in the general differing-tracks-case one should do Terrain Correction to the same projection and then stacking.

you’re right, that would be more correct.