Bandselect problem the sentinel2 data by snap

When I use the "Data Conversion - Band Select " to process the L2A product of sentinel 2A, the 10m resolution is well and could be open by the ENVI. However, the 20m resolution and 60m resolution is nothing when the ENVI opens, it shows empty.
Is there any mistake when I choose the Band Select?
The process is shown in below.

and the result opened by the ENVIis shown black and nothing.

Probably you haven’t resampled the data before selecting the 60m bands. Try resampling to 60m first and the do the band select. The resampling will not extend the duration of the operation much.
Actually the band select should indicate that the data needs to be resampled first. Seems to be a bug.

The resample manipulation could not be omitted when the band select is performed? But the 10m resolution bands are well and could be opened, do you know why and whether there is any solutions for the 20m and 60m bands ?

Sorry, I have no idea when this will be corrected. But I can add this issue to our bug database, so that the responsible developers can take care of it in the future. Actualy, there was already an issue for this problem: SITBX-498. I’ve updated it.

I guess it works because the 10m bands define the main resolution for the whole product. And the 20 and 60 meter bands differ from the main resolution. This is probably the reason.

Thank you very much, I will try the resampling method before the band select.