Batch Processing Error

I am trying to process 300 sentinel-1 images to get them in GeoTIFF format. Batch processing is working well with a few images ex:3-6 but with multiple images, it stops processing without previewing any problems. So, what is the maximum number of Sentinel 1 images to be processed using the batch processing without errors.

I am also fairly new to SNAP so take my view with a bit of salt.
But does your images remain open after batch processing too ?
May be they fill the ram so SNAP don’t have enough ram to work with.

Thanks, egeyumi,
Your suggestion was right Alhumdl’Allah. I’ve unchecked the option “display execution output” and also while adding products, I’ve added them directly from their directory and loaded them in the program. It is now working and completed 31 products of 150 and running smoothly.

It is great that you solved the issue :+1: