Batch processing/GPF temporal binning/aggregation


I am trying to set up a graph where the final step would be temporal binning (e.g., 10 day average of the product), for a multi-year time series. Is this possible now within SNAP? I had a similar issue when wanting to do this in BEAM, and was told that the start date would have to be specified each time to do this (so either changed in cmd or in the graph for each 10 day time chunk; e.g., for 10-day averages for a 10 year time series, changing the startDateTime and rerunning approx. 360 times). Have I understood this well, and is this still the case? It has been a while, so I may have missed something :o)

Thank you so much if you can help clarify this for me!

I think you could create the xml file (Edit it) and run in bash (bash file should be created and edited according to your demand), to do so I think good example you could use is mentioned within this tutorial,

Off course you could change the operator, in your case to Binning

gpt and bash processing

Thank you very much!

I will have a look at that tutorial, but I think my question might be more specifically about the Binning Operator (and startDateTime parameter). In my case, for S3 OLCI data, but I think relvant for any raster data.

in this case you could use the other form of bash file and edit it, in this case you could add the parameter you wish, as the start date for example in your case as below,


Also to change the format, in the loop,

Have a look at this,

Bulk processing with GPT