Best configuration for SNAP, snappy, sen2cor

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I am moving to a new and more powerful notebook, so I will have to set a new package of SNAP-python-sen2cor to have a fully operational configuration. So I would like to ask you which could be the best configuration for SNAP 6.0, python 2.7 or a newer release? and which one is suggested? and what about the setting for the current sen2cor? Any help will be appreciated from anyone, especially by @marpet @ramona_manda @abgbaumann @ABraun @obarrilero.

P.S. the laptop will have windows 10 and 16GB RAM (64bit of course)

sen2cor brings its own Python version, so that is no issue.
snappy: And according to this source both Python 2.7 and 3.4 are supported (but not 3.5). If you install Anaconda you can create multiple instances of python with conda create and switch between them with activate (see this documentation).
And snap2stamps (if you intend to make use of it) is just a wrapper which calls the GPT scripts and, as far as I understood it, the python version has no effect on the performance:


I would suggest to go with Python 3.4.

Python 2.7 is not really supported anymore or support will be dropped soon. Not sure.
And as long you don’t have heritage code which is incompatible with 3.x you should work with the latest.

The other things have been answered greatly by Andreas.

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Really thanks to both of you, your hints turned out to be precious @marpet @ABraun . And thanks also for the usual support you provide to all the users who need it