Best way to making multiple subsidence map (Snappy / PyroSAR / Snappista )?

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In my way of my internship I have to compare some perils area like Jakarta / Mexico City / Manilla for the subsidence with displacement map and value.

At the moment I did only 3-4 month of subsidence manually with the tutorial available at this address :

But also with the one from Braun.
I had 5 images so far and to compute the total I used like (1+2, 2+3, 3+4, 4+5) but I don’t know if it’s better to making the displacement with one master and slaves like 1 + 2, 1+3, 1+4, 1+5 as far I read I think the first method I used is better.

Doing manually in snap application took times and it’s not the best way. So I need to using a code on VM to doing this step with automatization.

I’m asking you which way is the best to deal with lots of data like 20 images and even more. I’m bit lost and confused with Snappy, Pyrosar and also Snappista.

I also read a bit about STAMPS and PS but I don’t have Matlab so it will be not an option unfortunately.

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Hi @Clem.G. I cannot say much about snappy or snapista but I am the developer of pyroSAR. In a nutshell, pyroSAR lets you create SNAP XML workflows with a Python interface and execute them using gpt and the subprocess module. See here for some documentation on this. I think snapista works similar. snappy directly uses a Python-Java API, which is slower than directly executing gpt in my experience.
Regarding Matlab, Octave might be your solution.


If you end up giving pyroSAR a try, give me a shout if you need help. I would be interested to know whether your workflow can be built with pyroSAR and/or make sure that it does.

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Hi @johntruckenbrodt thanks a lot for the reply ! So pyroSAR work like the graph builder in SNAP with the XML workflow ?

My processing is simple it’s this one :

Does pyroSAR have snaphu unwrapping ?
I think I will maybe use this one because I need to deal with a lot of images, maybe with snappy will take time and taking lots of memory.


Yes, it is basically graph building in Python. I have never worked with snaphu but in principle every SNAP operator should be supported by pyroSAR. I suggest you just give it a try to build your workflow with pyroSAR and contact me if you get stuck.

Thanks I will trying to doing this !

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