Biophysical Processor - LAI - standard deviation


I would like to ask you about the Biophysical Processor. What is the standard deviation of LAI estimates via Biophysical Processor?

I have a project, in which I need to assimilate LAI into the model and the standard deviation is an important part of it (Ensemble Kalman Filter).

Thank you in advance!

do you mean the temporal standard deviation of the LAI?
You could calculate the LAI for various dates (e.g. one per month), then merge them all in a stack (collocate) and then apply Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tool > Stack Average
and select Standard deviation. This will give you a measure on how constant the LAI is over the entire range of images per pixel.

Sorry should be more clear - “The standard deviation of the estimation errors”

Example: " MODIS LAI product - Next to the observations itself, we have to provide a standard deviation of the estimated value as a measure of accuracy of the observation.

For this example, we will assume that the LAI estimates have a standard deviation of 5% of the estimated value. The latter is very accurate compared to the accuracy reached by typical satellite LAI products which is more in the order of 20%."