Black Screen in Navigation

Hello Community,
i just installed SNAP and i have a problem. i opened a .xml but it doesn’t (as you can see below) show something. Does someone have or have had this? thank you in advance

Please check with the statistics tool or a histogram if the bands contain data (would indicate a visual problem). If not, the file was maybe not downloaded or extracted correctly.

Where is the data from?

from Copernicus Open Hub. i think that there is a problem with the data because i tried to change the colours and it was empty

somehow the data is faulty. Where did you download it?
Did you apply any changes to the extracted folder or data structure?

You can check the data here:
I didn’t make any changes

I have downloaded the image you provided and was able to load and display it correctly in SNAP 8

Is your data located on an external drive (network or USB stick) maybe?

i have spilt my SSD. i will try to have it in the same drive as SNAP

Now that they are in the same drive its ok. Thank you!

Good! Probably the reading speed of the data partition is somehow degraded.