Blank GUI of snap 5 and 6 using Arch Linux -- how to debug?

I’ve installed snap 5 on my up-to-date Arch Linux machine (not a VM). I believe the problem is related to the fact that I’m using a tiling window manager.

The GUI installation reports success. After installing, I’d execute ./bin/snap and the splash screen appears. Loading finishes and a light grey window appears. However, nothing appears inside this window. Clicking randomly near the left upper corner, the open file dialog appears.

In snap 6, which I also tried, at least the world view is visible (but no other GUI elements) and I can zoom and turn the earth ball. Therefore I think it is not related to an 3D rendering problem.

My question is, how can I debug this error? The only hints I have found are from multiple warnings in the messages.log:

WARNING [org.openide.filesystems.Ordering]: Found same position 80 for both [A] and [B]
WARNING [org.openide.filesystems.Ordering]: Not all children in Menu/View/Tool Windows/ marked with the position attribute [...]

full log messages.log (67.7 KB)

It seems snap makes some assumptions on it’s own window width and height. Is there a way to control it? Perhaps by setting some env variables?

Thanks, Sebastian

You may get better support from the arch linux forums. Have you looked at Netbeans 7 blank on awesome wm

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yeah, good shot.


did it. cheers