"bound must be positive" error in the Random Forest Classifier

Hi, I’m new in snap. I want to do a supervised classification with Random Forest Classifier but when I execute the tool I receive the notification “bound must be positive”. How can I solve this?

reproject your data to WGS84 (uncheck “reproject tie-point grids”) and try again. Somehow, the classification module cannot handle UTM coordinates.
See here: Rndom forest classification steps


It worked, thank you very much!.

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Hi, I am working with SNAP to classify crops. I got same error(“bound must be positive”).
And I tried to do what ABraun said as rectification(uncheck “reproject tie-point rids”). but I am unable to find this option can you please help me in this ?

Raster > Geometric > Reprojection
Select Geographical (lat/lon) WGS84 here.

Hi @ABraun and @Misio, Recently I am following the solution from this discussion, but I found the same error for both GRD and SLC Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 2 after reprojecting to WGS 84 while doing the random forest classification. I also found the same error while using similar data in UTM WGS 84 zone 50S. How to fix this issue?, Thank you.

Sentinel-2 data is stored in UTM by default. So it is advisable to reproject it to WGS84 before merging it with Sentinel-1 (also WGS84 after terrain correction). Have you seen this tutorial? Synergetic use of S1 (SAR) and S2 (optical) data and use of analysis tools

Profesor @ABraun, thank you for your reply. It is very important for my study. I forgot to explain in details that I did random forest for S1 and S2 in two different processes, not merging both data for this time. But, I will check the suggested tutorial soon. Thank you

could it be that the training data (maybe imported as SHP) are stored in UTM coordinates?

I used the training samples that previously made in QGIS as shapefile and it stored in WGS84 .

after which step did you import the training samples?

Professor @ABraun I have done all the pre-processing steps in order to run a Random Forest Classification.
My pre-processing steps are:

  1. Resampling (S2_Resampling) (Whole Image)
  2. Reprojection to WGS84 (Whole Image)
  3. Import vector and mask off the AOI
  4. Import Vector and mask off (artificial structures)
  5. Import Vector (Training samples)
  6. Random Forest Classification (5000 training samples) (10 number of trees)
    The result of this procedure is that, the system gives color (red) outside of my AOI and I solve this by masking again the AOI but, there are empty pixels which are not supposed to be empty but they have to show a value.

I have delete all the training samples which are overlayed and outside of the AOI lest they affect negatively the result.
I do not know what else I am supposed to do. Thank you in advance and for your patience.
The red color in the image it’s supposed to be NaN values as they are artificial structures.
PS. I have 7 classes to classify thus; maybe I have wrong to the number of trees and samples decision?

please have a look at the remarks on unclassified pixels after Random Forest on page 24 of this tutorial: Landcover classification with Sentinel-1 GRD

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The shapefile (training sample) imported after the polarization decomposition and backscatter (dB) processes completed.