Bug in Reprojection -- "Axis too comples for WKT Syntax"

SNAP and STBX1 still has a bug which existed in NEST for a very long time.

If you choose as target map projection a predefined CRS, for many of the EPSG codes one gets the error “Axis too complex for WKT syntax”. An example for a not-working EPSG code is EPSG:3031.

The reason for this bug is that map projections which work ins SNAP contain these lines:

AXIS[“Easting”, EAST],
AXIS[“Northing”, NORTH]

while for EPSG codes that give “Axis too complex” error, these same lines are

AXIS[“Easting”, “North along 90 deg East”],
AXIS[“Northing”, “North along 0 deg”]

A workaround is to use a graph file and manually exchange this text above for the EPSG codes. Then run gpt from comand line and it works. But I cannot use the SNAP Gui for many EPSG codes

I even decribed this work around on my blog: http://geoinformaticstutorial.blogspot.no/2014/08/fixing-map-projection-issue-for-next.html