Bug multitemporal filter

As reported here Terrain correction bug still after the update of the toolbox when the graphs are used the operator multitemporal filter points to something wrong

the user should be able to select window size and not edge detection threshold.

Can you have a look at this?


Multi-Temporal speckle filtering will be much improved in SNAP3.0, it will be possible to use any single-image speckle filter in it and all the assorted parameters.

That’s nice! But for now means that we cannot use the “normal” Multitemporal filter?

Thanks again for the superfast answer!

You can do it “manually”, it’s the so-called Quegan-filter, reference should be in the Help.

ok. Just out of curiosity, what is the output if I run the current multitemporal filer operator?

Dear mengdahl,

I wonder how the spatial filters are included in the multi-temporal filtering procedure? Any reference about that (the SNAP help is not updated in this section). Thanks in advance.