Bugs in SNAP 8!

I just noticed a bug in SNAP-8 calculations.
The error appeared in the filtering section just after the Multi-looking operation.

I re-calculate it again but with the same error SNAP duplicate a little part of the map as the images shows.

I am afraid that it happen in all my previous work :frowning: .
I was frustration work especially after Copernicus did’t offer VM to residentsoutside the European Union.

Be careful on your processing with the new version SNAP-8. I am very sad.

as this adresses the Copernicus RUS virtual environment, I advise to ask your question here: https://rus-copernicus.eu/forum/

No I run this in my machine, I just mentioned RUS cause the work was done in my poor machine and it took long time :frowning:
and it is addressed to SNAP-8 users to make attention when using the last version
Many thanks ABraun

it would help to know which data and which operations/graph you are using for this so that someone in the team can troubleshoot it.

You would need to understand that even public initiatives have limited resources and they have to be managed very carefully. The RUS Terms and Conditions clearly state that priority is given to Copernicus programme countries, followed by those with billateral agreements with the European Commission. Eventually allowing others if resources allow. This is all transparently presented.

If are doing something with a scientific interest and require large scale resources you may want to check out the AWS Grants Programme.

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